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Stone-cold broke in the middle of the winter, oh, like a poor man’s son. My father is a hard-earned worker; my mother has a heart of gold. I was never much younger, but I feel twice as old. 



↳ a playlist for boarmen. part 3/4 of the godly creatures mix series.

i. like a mountain - timber timbre  ii. allsherjargoðinn kvaddur - icelandic  iii. iron - woodkid  iv. willow tree march - the paper kites  v. lions - jonquil  vi. god’s gonna cut you down - johnny cash  vii. drumming song - florence + the machine  viii. fallen empires- snow patrol  ix. warpath - connor youngblood  x. the rains of castamere - the national 


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The first draft is just you telling yourself the story. —TERRY PRATCHETT (via psych-facts)

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There are songs that still feel like your teeth on my neck. —Clementine von Radics (via theunquotables)

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Jamie Cook at Free Press Summer Festival, Houston TX (01 June 2013)

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tbh bb idgaf —Gone with the Wind (via robbstark)

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One woman’s struggle to use her penis cake pan

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