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accidentally started thinking about the future so if you need me I’ll be in a fetal position on the ground

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The quiet hope of blossoms under the last snow of winter.

  1. Aaron Dreams of Bees, Don Charles & Deb Gessner.
  2. Child, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
  3. What’s the Use of Wondrin’ (ft. Annie Clark), Amanda Palmer.
  4. Wake, The Antlers.
  5. Babys, Bon Iver.
  6. Sipping on the Sweet Nectar, Jens Lekman.
  7. If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out, Cat Stevens.
  8. Cannonball, Damien Rice.
  9. Lovers’ Eyes, Mumford & Sons.
  10. Our Own Pretty Ways, First Aid Kit.
  11. What Have They Done to You Now?, Daniel Knox.
  12. Flowers Grow Out of My Grave, Dead Man’s Bones.
  13. Of Angels and Angles, The Decemberists.
  14. Blue Spotted Tail, Fleet Foxes.
  15. I’ll Fly Away, Kanye West.

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Here are white men poised to run big marijuana businesses, dreaming of cashing in big—big money, big businesses selling weed—after 40 years of impoverished black kids getting prison time for selling weed, and their families and futures destroyed. Now, white men are planning to get rich doing precisely the same thing? …

After waging a brutal war on poor communities of color, a drug war that has decimated families, spread despair and hopelessness through entire communities, and a war that has fanned the flames of the very violence it was supposedly intended to address and control; after pouring billions of dollars into prisons and allowing schools to fail; we’re gonna simply say, we’re done now? I think we have to be willing, as we’re talking about legalization, to also start talking about reparations for the war on drugs, how to repair the harm caused. …

At the end of apartheid in South Africa there was an understanding that there could be no healing, no progress, no reconciliation without truth. You can’t just destroy a people and then say ‘It’s over, we’re stopping now.’ You have to be willing to deal with the truth, deal with the history openly and honestly.

—Michelle Alexander, associate professor of law at Ohio State University and author of The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness quoted from White Men Get Rich from Legal Pot, Black Men Stay in Prison. Alexander’s thesis is that the USA is addicted to caste systems, regardless of what is deemed legal or illegal. (via nezua)

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